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The ultimate shoe cleaner
It's good for your soles!

Have you ever stopped to think how much you actually spend on shoes?  It’s quite a scary thought and the really sad thing is, the more fashionable they are, the harder they are to keep clean. After just a few days of walking around, those crisp, white trainers really show the street dirt, which can be pretty hard to get off.   

Be honest, how many pairs of shoes do you have under the bed or at the back of a cupboard?

You know the ones, they’re still wearable but they just look a bit sad.

SMGK 2021 LOGO TRANSP BG_edited.png

ShoeMGK is the answer.


It’s quick and easy, in fact, if you really love your shoes, let’s not forget, clean footwear doesn’t just look good, it lasts a whole lot longer too!


Works on trainers and sports shoes, plastic, rubber, leather, suede, nubuck, and fabric 


Shoe MGK was founded in 1992 in Southern California by our good friend Shawn at a time when trainer lovers needed something magical to keep their kicks clean. Now considered the world’s greatest trainer cleaner, the product line has grown to include care and protection of all shoes. For more than 20 years, Shawn and his team have been providing the highest quality in shoe care products. Through highly motivated brand partners, millions of bottles have now been sold.

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