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How easy is it to use?

Very easy! All you do is wet the brush, then pour a few drops of the Cleaner & Conditioner onto it and brush the shoes all over.  We recommend using something like a lolly stick to scrape off the worst of any loose mud before you start and just brush the shoes.  As you brush all over the shoes, you’ll see the foam forming over the shoe.  On average, you’ll make a normally worn trainer look like new again in about a minute, but heavily soiled shoes may take a little longer.


Will it clean my canvas shoes?

 It will certainly improve the way your canvas shoes, like converse and vans, look but fabrics like canvas are more likely to have the dirt ingrained in the fibres, heavy stains that have soaked into the fibres can be hard to move and we’re not going to pretend otherwise. While we can’t guarantee that fabric shoes will always look new again, they will look a whole lot better after the Shoe MGK treatment.


Can I use it on leather?

Of course you can! Especially if the shoes are a matte leather finish. But please remember, it’s a CLEANER, not a polish. So, for sealed leather, the cleaner conditioner will leave it in great condition, but it won’t make it shine – you’ll still have to use your favourite polish to achieve that.  In fact, occasional light usage of the cleaner conditioner between regular polishes will really help to keep your smart shoes in tip top shape. The only surfaces we don’t recommend it for are patent and waxed leather, it will clean off all the wax!


Is it safe?

Well, we’ve never known, heard of or experienced any adverse reaction to it.  The cleaner is made using natural ingredients like coconut and jojoba oil, so it is very safe and there’s nothing caustic in it.  If you have very sensitive skin, or plan to use it for an extended period of time, we recommend wearing rubber gloves but that’s more for comfort than safety. Shoe MGK is very safe to use.


With canvas shoes, we always recommend Prevention rather than cure! Use the SHOE MGK Water & Stain Repellent when they’re still brand new, that forms a protective layer over the shoes to help stop the dirt getting into the shoes.  A maintenance clean will help ensure that those heavy stains never develop in the first place. Give them a light clean (it only takes a minute) two or three times a week and they’ll stay looking great for so much longer.


My trainers are badly scuffed- will this fix it?


The cleaner can’t repair scuff damage but the Shoe MGK touch up will cover it nicely, making it almost invisible.  You may need a few coats, depending how badly scuffed they are but with a little patience, you won’t know it’s there!


What’s it made of?

The shoe MGK cleaner conditioner is made using all-natural ingredients like Coconut and Jojoba oil which replenish the natural oils in your shoes and break down all the dirt and grime.

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